Microsoft Partner Program

Partners often tell us how with Microsoft, it can sometimes feel like being lost in a jungle... We are your Microsoft guide. We will personally guide you through all the Microsoft portals and answer all your questions along the way. For you and all your colleagues, in your native language! To give your margin an extra boost, we will also make sure all your incentives programs are optimized to match your performance.


Did you know you could have received over 70% kickback last year on, for example, Microsoft Azure if you had the right settings in place?

Together we will make a deep dive and we will support you through all of Microsoft’s training, exams, assessments and competencies and show you all the Microsoft benefits connected to them.


We support you through all the Microsoft topics, A-Z Microsoft Support.

We help you to get the most out of the Microsoft Partner Program.  Partner Care is your personal guide. We will show you, how to work together with Microsoft the most efficient way. With over 100 contacts worldwide within Microsoft, we are able to give you the grand tour and answer all of your questions along the way. Pro-Support for Microsoft Partners from A to Z. We can tell you all about the various Microsoft partner status options; registered, certified, silver, gold, MEPN, distributor, EA, LSP. What do all these options involve, how do you acquire a certain Microsoft status, and what are the Microsoft partner competencies? Did you know that there are over 90 different Incentive programs? Are you aware of the various product categories: OEM, SPLA, CSP, Volume, Value, Contracts, Azure, OLP, Surface and Surface HUB? Plus, we are your helpdesk of choice if you have any Microsoft questions, ranging from technical questions: Simple questions about Microsoft product content, as well as more complex questions about Enterprise and mainframe. Finally, we are also happy to help you with your digital migration from OEM to the Microsoft Cloud (CSP) and Azure. 

Frequently asked questions we are happy to support you with …

How can I set up my Microsoft portals in the most efficient way?

Microsoft has a lot of different portals which make it challenging doing business with Microsoft: administration portals, training portals, management portals, finance portals, …

With all the different Microsoft portals, it can be quite complicated to manage them all efficiently. Our consultants will guide you through the different Microsoft portals in a remote session and show you everything you need to know. We make sure you have access to all the important Microsoft portals and your Microsoft administration is up to date.

How can I get or optimize my Microsoft Incentives and Benefits?

As a Microsoft Partner, you can get benefits and kickbacks for your business with Microsoft! We make sure that all your efforts get rewarded.

There are over 35 different global incentives programs with a total of 90 different incentives sub programs. There is an incentive program for every Microsoft Partner and we will help you find the right one for you. Get the Benefits and Kickbacks you deserve!

Which Microsoft Partner Status is the most profitable for me?

We can give you advise on getting the right Microsoft Partner Status, if it is Silver Status, Gold Status or just an Action Pack for now, and – most importantly – how to keep it! We will explain to you what benefits you can expect from your current Microsoft Partner Status and when it is time change. This way you’ll get most out of your partnership with Microsoft and reduce your internal user license costs.

Did I sign all Microsoft Terms and Agreements?

We are happy to answer your questions about Microsoft Terms and Agreements. Don`t waste your time searching online and reading through all the small-print: Our Team is here for you! We can advise and consult you regarding Microsoft Terms and Agreements and answer your questions – and, of course, make sure you sign them all in time!

Microsoft Support is not answering me, how can I contact them?

A big company like Microsoft has a lot to offer – but it can be time consuming to get the Microsoft support you are looking for. Partners also tell us that their biggest hidden cost is when an employee starts searching for Microsoft information online rather than doing his work. We are here to guide you through this jungle! We offer a complete Microsoft Pro-Support for Microsoft Partners and answer your questions in your mother tongue and through a single point of contact. This way we save you time, money and prevent headaches.

My Microsoft competencies are at risk, how can I secure them for next renewal?

Microsoft competencies are great to gather knowledge around Microsoft and boost your benefits. We are here to guide you through the 20 Microsoft competencies and help you choose the most beneficial for you. We keep you up to date on changes and make sure you are save for your next renewal.